Old Home–New Home       Small Steps–Big Steps

” Steps To Sustainable Living” what can I do to reduce my footprint on my project? 

In an ever changing economy it is our responsibility to stay up to date with technology and green practices so the customer can make educated decisions regarding construction practices used on their projects. 

Small steps can make a difference!

·         Reduce water use, add a rain water storage tank;

·         Recycle on-site gray water;

·         Reduce storm runoff, disconnect rain drains, install swales,

         storage tanks or drain to a planter drain

·         Reduce Energy Use, install solar panels on south facing slope;

·         Reduce Energy Use, install solar hot water heater;

·         Reduce Energy Use, install Geothermal Heat Pump;

·         Reduce Energy Use, Radiant Solar Heat; Cost savings

         Oregon Department of Energy

·         Reduce Energy Use, Energy Audit, Insulation, venting;

        Oregon Energy Rebate Form

·         Use Sustainable products during construction;

·         Deconstruction : Reuse and or recycle ; Ruduce waste to landfill 

·         Low Cost Ways to Cut Energy Bills


If we start with the idea to build or remodel in a sustainable way, and we continue to educate ourselves in the ever changing Green marketplace, we can make a difference.

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