How to Plan and Budget Your Project

RMH Bartels Construction, Inc. can help you plan and budget your project.  It is very important to get the contractor, engineer and architect together early on in a project.  If you don’t have an architect or engineer RMH Bartels Construction, Inc. can help you interview and select experienced professionals in both areas.  Once you select your team, we can offer up our many years of experience and start the design, budgeting, and scheduling process.  The key to any project is starting off on the right foot, and with a qualified team and a solid foundation your project will not be thrown into a tailspin when problems arise.  Remember you are involved in a construction project, and problems will arise, it is the job of RMH Bartels Construction, Inc. to make sure the foundation of the project is solid and that the problems are little speed bumps that slow the project down a little but never stop the show.